Will I Get Better?

No medical treatment works all the time, and acupuncture is no exception to this rule. There are many problems in assessing acupuncture as a form of treatment for any disease. First of all, the doctor must have a clear idea of the natural history of the disease. Furthermore, a vast number of statistics must be collected and analyzed before any treatment can be adequately assessed. In the field of acupuncture, not many clinical studies have yet been satisfactorily completed. This makes the question 'What chance of improvement do I have?' a very difficult one to answer exactly for a specific condition. In the USA, the disorders most commonly treated by acupuncture are pain and stress related symptoms. In general, Electroacupuncture has a more significant effect especially when combined with acupressure, 70-90% of patients had good pain reduction after having 1-2 acupuncture sessions in Dr. Liu's office.

Dr. Liu had many years clinical experience involving general surgery, anesthesiology, oral surgery, ENT, head & neck surgery and oncology (when he worked and studied in China from 1970 to 1990).  

For past 25 yeas in USA, Dr. Liu has successfully treated many challenging patients who suffered severe pinched nerve problems in their face, neck, arm/shoulder and back such as sciatica, cervical radiculopathy and cranial neuralgias, etc.  Those medical conditions could be very well treated in Dr. Liu's hands--in some cases acupuncture worked better and more effective than steroid injections, some of them avoided surgery and many patients had good pain relief and nerve function back to normal. 

The patients who have serious nerve compression symptoms should consider acupuncture treatment is better option because of its safety and afficacy.  However, treating those complicated medical conditions do require more skills and knowledge from their medical professionals.


                                              Whole Body Therapy

In the West the vast majority of people look upon acupuncture as an alternative treatment for pain; therefore, pain is the most frequently presented complaint at an acupuncture clinic. If the patient is approached from the traditional Chinese viewpoint, then the body is treated as an integrated system. People in pain frequently have other complaints, such as heartburn or depression, and if the body is treated as a complete system, then these complaints will also be treated and often resolved during the course of acupuncture. The patient may be quite surprised to find that some other problem has suddenly improved, as it was not realized it was amenable to acupuncture treatment and therefore not mentioned to their acupuncturist.