Since I started seeing Dr. Yuan Liu in January of 2007 for my many years of chronic neck, lower and middle back pains, my quality of life has improved dramatically.  I was having trouble sleeping at night with the constant stabbing pain between my shoulder blades, along with lower back pains.  I was also experiencing terrible headaches associated with my neck pain.  And just recently, I was suffering from tendinitis in my right elbow and right shoulder rotator cup.  I couldn not extend my arm or open my hand very well.  And to make matters worse, I was having a lot of bad leg cramps on both legs at night. 


I was seeing a pain management specialist for many years for my lower and middle back and neck pain.  He would prescribe pain medication to ease the pain.  That would only hide the pain, and would make me very sleepy and sluggish at work.  He also injected me with a botox shot every six months.   The botox shot would only last a few weeks and never relieved the pain very well.  I also saw a chiropractor a few years ago for the same back problems.  I wasted a lot of time and money seeing him, because my pain never got better, only worse and worse.  After many years of therapy sessions, medication and botox shots, I decided to give acupuncture a try.  After all I had tried every one else.


I found out about Dr. Yuan Liu through a friend who recommended him to me.  I was a little skeptical about going to an acupuncturist since all the other doctors I have seen in the last ten years never really helped me ease my pain and suffering.  The first day I came into his office, Dr. Liu greeted me with a warm smile and a handshake.  He made me feel right at ease.  We sat down and he proceeded to tell me all about the healing powers of acupuncture. He asked me some questions about myself and how long I have been suffering with my pain.  He assured me that he could take care of most of my pain in a few sessions.  I was willing to give acupuncture a try.  The first session lasted a little under an hour.  He used needles on my back, neck, arm and legs.  I hardly felt the needles go into my back and neck.  


After the first session, my arm and back and legs felt a lot better.  I was able to move my elbow and open my hand with ease without any pain.  That same night, I was able to sleep better without any pain interruptions.  I made an appointment for another session the same day.  It has been four months and ten sessions since my first visit with Dr. Liu, and I am just amazed at the results he has gotten with my back, neck, legs and arm problems.  I have more range-of-motion in my lower back and neck with a lot less pain.  My pounding headaches are all gone, and my blood pressure has gone down a little.  I can walk a lot longer without getting tired and feeling sluggish.  I feel less stressed-out with more positive energy running in my body, as though I have been given a second chance in life.  I have also cut back on my medications too.  


I have convinced my mother to see Dr. Liu about her left knee problem a few weeks ago.  She had knee surgery six years ago from a fall, which she never fully recovered from.   She had been going through a lot of therapy and medication for her knee pain.  She was still having problems bending her knee or kneeling down or walking without assistance.  It was causing her a lot of pain.  She was also having problems with her chronic cough.   For many years she was seeing different doctors/specialists, including a visit to the Mayo clinic, for this problem.  No one was able to pin point what was causing her chronic cough. The coughing was keeping her from having a good night's sleep.  


My mom has been through four sessions with Dr. Liu, and now she can bend her knee and walk a lot better with very little pain or assistance.  Her coughing has almost completely stopped.  She is able to sleep a lot better at night without any coughing interruptions.  Dr. Yuan Liu is really amazing.  He is God-sent.


Thank you so much, Dr. Yuan Liu.



Two content patients,


R. Carrillo and O. Carrillo



                 My name is L. Martinez, and I can say that since I have been receiving treatments from Dr. Liu, I have been feeling a lot better.  He treats me for back & neck pain and the pain has gone away completely.   The acupuncture treatments give me a whole over all good feelings.  Dr. Liu is one of the best doctors I have ever had, out of hundreds.  He has been so helpful to me, curbing a monster allery problem that was making me miserable.  He really knows his stuff---not only about allergies and asthma, but anything else that could possiblely relate, and medicine in general.  He knows his meds inside and out.  His scheduling is such that he can and does take his time to really get to know you and your health issues.  Dr. Liu has a wonderful bedside manner.  I always leave feeling like Gumby-completely relaxed.  I can't recommend him enough


Mr. & Mrs. Martinez






I have been a patient of Dr Liu for many years.  When I first started coming to see him, I was having horrible headaches and sinus headaches.  I was taking Tylenol, it seemed like, every four hours, and this went on for a few days.  It wasn't until after the first acupuncture treatment that I found relief, and then the second treatment I didn not need to take anymore drugs to relieve my headaches. 

I am a Registered Respiratory Therapist for the Children's Transport Services for Methodist Children's Hospital.  I fly in the helicopters at times to pick up patients.  Sometimes after a flight my neck gets very sore from wearing the heavy helmets.  I have seen Dr Liu for this issue along with lower back pain, and he has been able to help correct this situation for me. 

I cannot sufficiently express what a lifesaver acupuncture has been to me.  Dr Liu is a wonderful doctor, very professional, courteous and extremely skilled.  I highly recommend his service to anyone. 




Rita Leonowicz, RRT-NPS

Neonatal Pediatric Specialist




Dear Dr Liu:

I have suffered with lumbar stenosis for about 30 years.  Over that time I have been treated on a continuing basis by various chiropractors.  The treatment gave me some relief but the problem recurred each time.  During 2004 I underwent about 6 months of physical therapy on my back with no improvement.  In 2007 I underwent a series of 3 pain management shots in my lower back plus a radio frequency ablation.  I got temporary relief but the problem persisted.  In December 2010 I came to you for acupuncture and acupressure treatment. After 4 treatments I am pain free and able to function normally.  At present I am not being treated and I am grateful for your good work.


John D




 Thank Goodness for acupuncture therapy, six weeks ago I lost use of my arm and hand due to a pinched nerve in my Neck and Carpel Tunnel.  The pain was unbearable and the tingling was so annoying.  The first acupuncture treatmnet improved the tingling and the pain subsided completely.  Thank you Dr. Liu, for restoring the use of my arm and hand, and for removing the tension caused by this condition.  The carpel tunnel is almost gone without surgery and the pinched nerve has improved 95% in 2 sessions.



Patricia S




In April of 2010 I was attacked by 3 men and suffered multiple Cranial and Jaw damage that Doctors later misdiagnosed as Temporomandibular Joint Disorder ( TMJ), Hutchinson's Disease, Tourette Syndrome and Parkingson's Disease. I went to see multiple doctors and specialists including Neurologist, TMJ specialist, ENT ( Ear Nose and Throat) specialist and all of them concluded that there was not much could be done to help me except major surgeries and extreme pharmaceuticals. 

I opted for another form of treatment and found Dr. Liu's website online and have since become a regular patient of his.  The treatments he has provided have been phenomenal.  Today I am close to completing my healing with no surgery or extreme pharmaceuticals but weekly sessions  with Dr. Liu and his acupuncture and acupressure treatments.  They are painless and I have not experienced any bad side effects, other than just my body adjustment a day or two after my treatments. I highly recommend Dr. Liu and I am extremely grateful for his patience and attention to details as well as his professional treatments. 


Thank you Dr. Liu!


Roger A Jr.

"A very happy patient"